Audience Development

choir poster.
22 Apr

How to get attention with your flyers

While digital choir marketing is taking off, it can be beneficial to utilize more old-fashioned promotional strategies to get the word out about your event.

Designer at computer
24 Mar

Getting the most out of your graphic designer

When it comes to marketing your choir, eye-catching materials like flyers and posters can make all the difference.

recital hall
19 Mar

Classical singers are engaging new audiences with participatory strategies

Classical musicians often feel like they are facing smaller audiences than before.

design team
17 Mar

How to find and select the right graphic designer

If you really want to enhance your choir marketing materials, you should consider hiring a graphic designer.

Street festival
10 Mar

Choirs can get involved in the community to increase visibility

One of the best ways for singing groups to gain visibility is to get involved in the local community. 

The choir is a beloved part of Vancouver and provides an enjoyable time both for musicians and audiences.
03 Feb

Vancouver Chamber Choir represents tradition and excellence

The Vancouver Chamber Choir, located in the western Canadian city of Vancouver, has been singing for audiences with beautiful renditions of choral pieces for years and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The women see singing as a way to bond over their circumstances and grow together both as wives or mothers and musicians.
28 Jan

Military Wives Choir offers musical outlet for women

The beauty of choirs is that they are easy to put together and an immensely creative outlet for those seeking a new hobby or profession.

The Rock Choir is composed of more than 16,000 members in approximately 250 towns across the country, encouraging any and all singers to get involved.
28 Jan

UK Rock Choir instigating a cultural movement

A choir movement has taken off in the U.K. and is spreading like wildfire.

It's up to you and the rest of the members of the singing group to take advantage of what lies ahead.
27 Dec

Motivating your choir for the new year

The new year offers exciting opportunities and a blank slate for your choir or chorus, and it's up to you and the rest of the members of the singing group to take advantage of what lies ahead.

Learn how to apply for a grant the right way.
17 Dec

How to get a choral grant

What do sheet music, performance wear, transportation and marketing efforts have in common?

Groupanizer Choir Management Tools

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