Social Media Tips

Facebook event page
09 May

Make the most out of your Facebook event page

Promoting your choir's events is still one of the biggest challenges faced by singing groups.

choir crowdfunding
30 Apr

How to get your crowdfunding to catch on

Crowdfunding is a relatively easy way for choir to raise money, but these platforms can often be deceptively simple.

Choir Twitter page
22 Apr

4 ways to gain more Twitter followers

For singing groups that are using social media for choir marketing, trying out new platforms is a great way to expand your reach.

08 Apr

How to get more readers for your choir's blog

Once you've started your choir blog, the next step is getting more people to follow it.

Instagram picture
20 Mar

Singing groups can use Instagram as a promotional tool

As the years go by, social media continues to be an important choir marketing tool.

07 Mar

Direct mail is still a smart choir marketing strategy

Direct mail is still a vital choir marketing tool, even in the 21st century.

Twitter homepage
28 Feb

How to engage your audience with Twitter

Social media is an important choir marketing tool.

color swatch and keyboard
28 Feb

Poster design tips for choir marketing

Even with all the new social platforms that are taking over choir marketing, designing a poster is sometimes the best way to get your audience's attention.

Thriller music video
06 Feb

How to make a choir video

One of the best ways to reach young audiences is to make a video.

singing in the cold
04 Feb

Tips for taking care of your voice in cold weather

When your instrument is your body, you have to pay extra attention to it.

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