Website Marketing Tips

Singing at weddings
13 May

Sing at summer weddings

With the height of wedding season just around the corner, singing groups can make some extra money and gain recognition by performing at weddings.

brand identity
17 Apr

3 ways singing groups can benefit from branding

Choirs often have a difficult time representing themselves.

online shopper
04 Apr

How to increase sales in your online store

Does your choir website have a store?

Start 2014 choir marketing off right by tracking the right metrics.
09 Jan

Metrics and more, part 5: Prioritizing metrics for 2014

The Internet is a fun and magical place that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Millions of individuals watch YouTube videos on a regular basis and share this type of content with their friends and family every day.
24 Dec

The power of chorus video production

The Internet has opened up new and exciting ways to market a chorus, and it's up to group members to make the most of them.

Don't take graphics lightly because they play a big role in your promotional strategies.
28 Nov

Picking a great graphic designer for choir content

Choir marketing has many little facets and requires a close attention to detail - especially when it comes to creating content for posters, websites, blogs or social media.

21 Oct

What makes a good choir blog?

A good choir blog communicates the passion and pursuit of your choir.

A landing page is meant to gather visitor information.
12 Oct

How to tackle landing pages

First thing first, what is a landing page?

Learning how to manage a website and work in tandem with the magical wonders of the Internet for better choir marketing can be really fun.
11 Oct

How to start a website

Starting a website is no easy task, but it is rewarding once you get it up and going.

The best choir marketing content sets some singing groups apart from the rest and will make a huge difference when engaging fans.
08 Oct

How to create award-winning content for a choir website

Okay, so maybe you won't win any awards for the content on your website, but you want to create content like it's the biggest contest of your life.

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