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While digital choir marketing is taking off, it can be beneficial to utilize more old-fashioned promotional strategies to get the word out about your event. Depending your environment, a combination of online and in-person strategies probably works best. If you are located in a small town or on a campus, posters can still be a great way to generate interest in performances. Here are some tips for creating flyers that get the word out:

White space is your friend

Avoid cluttering up the visual field with too much text or unnecessary images. Make sure only the vital information is there, recommends Marketing University. Similarly, bullet points and headlines help guide the eye. An interesting look is great, but in the end, the viewer needs to come away with certain details. Make sure they get them!

Stick to a few colors and fonts

One of the first rules of design is that less is often more. It's fun to play around with fonts and colors, but in the end, you probably shouldn't exceed two fonts: one for the headlines and one for the body text. Colors should also be limited. Too much visual noise can be confusing for viewers and they may miss the most important data, like where to go for your concert and when.

Don't be cheap

If you can, don't use an old-fashioned photocopier. Copies don't match the quality of the original, and things can go wrong in the process. For instance, parts of the original may not transfer, which could leave out important information from the posters you put up. If you can, it's better to go to a printer and have them make a number of high-quality prints you can put up around town.

Be creative

You often see posters that encourage people to tear off a slip of paper with a phone number or email address on it. There's no reason posters have to be entirely two-dimensional. Have little slips that say when and where the concert will be so passersby don't forget. You can also include a message that tells people where to find you online. Have fun with it! Cool designs and interesting approaches catch the eye.

Include other channels

Make sure your audience knows how to contact you. Printing company Printaholic recommends you put this information at the bottom of the flyer. People who want it will seek it out. The top should be reserved for a catchy headline or your choir's logo.

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