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Even though Groupanizer is a new addition to 52Eighty we are already seeing the advantages of having such a well polished membership communication tool. As with almost any youth chorus the challenge of communication can seem like herding headless cats. You never know how many members will be at a rehearsal or show and how many will know a new song. Groupanizer has given us a useful tool to combat the #1 problem surrounding youth choruses, excuses. I can know for certain that not only did the membership see the information they need, but I can use the selective email features to keep a close eye on those less responsible members that seem to need constant reminders.

As old members leave and new members joinGroupanizer will be a vital tool for maintaining an active roster, tracking learning, and keeping a close eye on attendance. We don't want to lose contact and have guys fall off the ranks just because communication fell apart. Groupanizer will allow us to keep track of each member on a more individual level.

While we are still learning to fully utilize Groupanizer, I am very excited with the possibilities.

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Wes Short
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Groupanizer Choir Management Tools

Groupanizer has designed and packaged choir-specific features together with intuitive management and communication tools to create a product that is essential to choir and chorus management.

Groupanizer is simply the smartest way to manage your choir and reach your audience.


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