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screenshot of Choral-Aires Chorus website

About this Project

This stunning site looks a bit different than the bulk of the other Surfer sites out there. Being that the Choral-Aires chose to add-on the full-content option, we were able to make some changes that are out of the ordinary for them. Although they chose the Surfer theme that features a background image, they wanted to let their bright photos pop with a simple black background. We also changed the heading font to better reflect the clean contemporary style of their logo. Using the slider to highlight upcoming events is something we did for another client and suited the needs of the Choral-Aires as well. One other item of note is the image galleries. We really put a lot of thought in to making the galleries a marketing tool that met their needs.

The Choral-Aires are recognized for musical excellence (in the top ten of the world - just sayin'), but more importantly they are known to be a warm, accepting, and friendly family. Their warm, color rich images that include a lot of smiles go a long way in setting the tone of their website.

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Choral-Aires Chorus

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