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What the Client Says

"As a Canadian elite-level chamber choir embarking on a new stage in our journey (with a new artistic director appointed and coming up on our 30th anniversary season in 2013/2014) we had so many BIG dreams about developing a public website that could really show the world who we are and what we care about - a site that could really highlight how important the "Phoenix Family" is for us. But, with few technical skills and limited time available from our board volunteers we had reconciled ourselves to the fact that the dream was simply out of our reach.

Well, I can't tell you how happy we are that we discovered Groupanizer. At a very reasonable cost (always important to small not-for-profit arts organizations!) we were able to hand over the technical responsibilities to experts and focus instead on developing and presenting our choir's content. By starting from a website "theme" (that Groupanizer had already extensively modified to be appropriate for choirs in general) we were able to get creative and put our own Phoenix touches on a technical structure that already existed. That technical "head start" is what made it all possible - and, we were able to make our dream website a reality! Fast, economical and well-supported by friendly, responsive people. How could you ask for more than that?"

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Client details

Member Name: 
Leanne Dalton
Group Name: 
Phoenix Chamber Choir

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