Groupanizer reduced my paperwork to nearly nothing!


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What the Client Says

"I used to have a huge workload!  Forever updating documents and re-sending - contacting people by phone....Arrrggg! 

I knew there had to be a solution somewhere, so I searched and seached until I found Groupanizer!  I guess my only doubt was convincing the others that it was up to the job, but we had a free trial and that sorted that!

My paperwork has been reduced to nearly nothing!  Making changes and updates is a is contacting people.  I can see stuff at a glance that I might have spent 20 minutes searching my hard disk for."

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Client details

Member Name: 
John Hamilton
Group Name: 
Actually Gay Men's Chorus

Groupanizer Choir Management Tools

Groupanizer has designed and packaged choir-specific features together with intuitive management and communication tools to create a product that is essential to choir and chorus management.

Groupanizer is simply the smartest way to manage your choir and reach your audience.


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