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What the Client Says

In your spare time, just wanted to give you an update on a discussion from this past GALA meeting regarding a Member Data Base (on line choir management). After much deliberation and research by our I.T. Committee (and you can imagine they are quite something out here in the Silicon Valley), we migrated to Groupanizer on September 1. We wanted to wait until we had settled into it to give our stamp of approval.

It has been met with broad enthusiasm. The members really do like it. It is incredibly intuitive and provides 90% of our needs. We are only using a portion of all of the things Groupanizer is capable of doing.

Thom Vindiola, our Managing Director is also happy to visit with you about our experience.  He writes:

Kelly is AMAZING!

There are many selling points about Groupanizer (GN). Here are three off the top of my head:

  • GN has a full team of employees who are all friendly and professional.
  • GN is VERY customizable
  • GN is INCREDIBLY affordable

This tool is really amazing and has allowed our singers to stay up to date with repertoire, changes to repertoire, communication from the staff/office/officers, etc.

There are several other GALA choruses using it or moving to it.

That's it for now.

Have a fabulous holiday season.  See you for a much deserved weekend in Florida in January.

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Client details

Member Name: 
Dr. Tim Seeling
Artistic Director & Conductor
Group Name: 
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

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