Strathmore Childrens Chorus


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About this Project

What a privilege to work with Mary at the Strathmore Children's Chorus and create a truly functional and attractive (if I do say so myself) website. The Sensation theme was perfect for them. Beautiful in its simplicity, organized, and clean AND just amazing on mobile devices. I am a big proponent of high quality, captivating images and believe they do more for a site than perhaps are given credit for. The SCC has them. Beautiful, crisp images. Of course images really mean little when it comes to browser ranking, and that is where high quality, well thought out, and frequently updated content plays a shining role. It has been a joy to watch the SCC climb the ranks as they continue to add new news items and hone their content.

The Strathmore Children's Chorus is one of the fastest growing children's choruses in the US! They provide a pre-professional choral experience to children ages 7 - 18 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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