Texas Choral Consort


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About this Project

This choir is really one to check out! Wildly successful, community focused, and led by a passionate (and very, very talented) young man. 

The Texas Choral Consort (TCC) is dedicated to providing a high-quality classical choral musical experience to our choristers and audiences. We invite singers at all levels to experience the thrill of performing a first-rate concert with orchestral accompaniment  free of the stresses of audition.

While we are a group of great friends who enjoy singing together, we also maintain high performance standards to assure audiences of a quality concert series featuring the best of traditional and contemporary classical music. We encourage music singers of all walks to join TCC.

A smaller auditioned chorus performs as needed. Interested singers are encouraged to sign up for an individual audition (it isn't as scary as it sounds) and gain yet more musical enrichment.

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