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About this Project

Not only is it nice to highlight a unique theme such as InspiroB, but also to be able to toot the horn of a chorus that is local to us. The Westcoast Harmony Chorus chose a theme that is not for the timid! With its full page images, you have to know when to hold em' and when to fold em' so to speak. Westcoast chose to use stock images that perfectly illustrate their main messages (their journey, and their call out to potential memebers) while not interfering with the text and elements on the pages... and I think it paid off! They have a stunning, mobile friendly, eye catching web experience to offer their audience. 

Westcoast Harmony Chorus, while working towards musical excellence and recognition on the International satage (which they have), is dedicated to creating musical experiences that reach the heart. They understand the power that music holds and so sculpt their shows with that power in mind. 

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Westcoast Harmony Chorus

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