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What the Client Says

What an awesome experience! Having used Groupanizer for our membership site for the past several years I am thrilled that Monica encouraged us to look in to adding the public site. We had a public site that we were pleased with but, having to duplicate information for both the public and the members would sometimes have much less than desirable results (imagine updating an event for the members but not getting it out to the guests or public participants correctly).

During the creation and set-up experience, working with Stacey and Sharlene made everything go smoothly and the overall “ease of use” is fantastic! With their guidance and the videos detailing the processes, the transition was clean and fairly straight forward. We are excited with the new website and quite pleased with the results! Thank you!

P.S. As the choruses webmaster you’ve made MY life a lot easier too!

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Client details

Member Name: 
Kira Wagner
Musical Director and Co Site Admin
Group Name: 
Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus

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