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If you are a group of 16+ members and would like more information, we offer a live demo to you and your stakeholders. Just click the button below to request a demonstration.

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Considering what we have to work with and where we started, everyone in this small Chorus is really impressed with the final result. We don't have the splash, cash, nor achievements of big show chorus, so figuring out a marketing angle was tricky. I think this Public site makes us feel good about our place in the community. Re. is super modern, everything works and the cost is only a couple more dollars than our old site...but what a different vibe...well worth the effort and money! My real favourite is the MOW. We first did a trial with Sing3!

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Groupanizer Choir Management Tools

Groupanizer has designed and packaged choir-specific features together with intuitive management and communication tools to create a product that is essential to choir and chorus management.

Groupanizer is simply the smartest way to manage your choir and reach your audience.


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