I am continually impressed with the positive, helpful and knowledgable staff. Stacey has been very helpful.  I appreciate the quick response to questions or issues, whether by phone or email.  I am also appreciative of the helpful ideas to make our site better visually and interactively. 

Group Name: 
San Diego Chorus

The Groupanizer team has made it so easy for us to update our public site. Stacey is AWESOME - answering any questions we had and giving us great tips to make our site a dynamic site that will attract viewers - and hopefully new members, fans, and performances.

Group Name: 
Voices United Chorus

Any time I had a question or needed assistance on how to do something, my questions were answered and many times I was directed to on line tutorials to help me through the process.

Very pleased with the Centum theme.

Group Name: 
Silk City Chorus

We liked the various templates from which we were able to choose. They are so much more up-to-date than our hand-created site. The site just looks so much fresher and modern.

Group Name: 
Capital City Chorus

I have worked with several different content management systems. (including one of the big boys) Groupanizer's configuration for our smart public site had an easy learning curve and was very forgiving of the mistakes I made along the way. I don't remember it crashing on me even once.

Group Name: 
Upper Chesapeake Chorus

What a fabulous experience! I never would have thought that I personally could have tackled a new website. Thanks to the incredible technical support (and patience) of Groupanizer staff, we have a site that is clean and easy to navigate.

Group Name: 
Voices of Canton

Our Groupanizer website is beautiful and functional. It was very important to us that our new website be mobile-friendly, clean looking and above all, it needed to have that wow factor. Groupanizer helped us accomplish that at a low cost.

Group Name: 
Westcoast Harmony Chorus

The Groupanizer staff is amazing and is a truly dedicated and talented group of people. I have enjoyed working with them, getting to know them, and bugging them with every little thing!

Group Name: 
Melodeers Chorus

We love the site and have enjoyed working with the support staff. Stacey and Sharlene rock! it was very easy to add content and should be a breeze to maintain. We love the look and can't wait to share it. Thanks so much.

Group Name: 
Pride of Portland Chorus

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