Complete Online Software for Running a Choir

Choir Management is Complicated

Managing a choir is complicated - choir leaders have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and often don't have the help they need

Groupanizer Makes it Easy

Goupanizer simplifies choir management with a complete set of tools designed for choir leaders, directors, and members

There's a better way to organize and manage choirs and choral organizations

Everything you need, all in one place, with Groupanizer.


Engage with your membership, leaders, and patrons

Organize your chorus with tools like:

  • drag-and-drop riser placements
  • attendance taking, tracking, and reporting
  • online music libraries
  • email lists and groups
  • member invoicing
  • at-a-glance music learning
  • stunning public websites
  • and more...

Stunning Public Websites.

Easy to Manage. 

Made for Choirs.

See what Groupanizer can do for your ensemble



Texas Choral Consort loves Groupanizer

Implementing Groupanizer within our organization was the single best administrative decision we have made in years...  It has GREATLY simplified coordination and communication for our relatively large community choral group...
Board of Directors
Texas Choral Consort

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Groupanizer Choir Management Tools

Groupanizer has designed and packaged choir-specific features together with intuitive management and communication tools to create a product that is essential to choir and chorus management.

Groupanizer is simply the smartest way to manage your choir and reach your audience.


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