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online shopper
04 Apr

How to increase sales in your online store

Does your choir website have a store?

people listening to recording
31 Mar

Choral Tracks helps singers hone their musical abilities

Choral Tracks is an excellent resource for singing groups, which delivers educational tracks to choirs and chorus of all different kinds.

group doing yoga
29 Mar

Use yoga to work on breathing and posture

Choruses are finding that yoga and singing have benefits in common.

24 Mar

Have you seen all the surfers out there?

Last week I revealed that Glossy is one of our most popular Public SmartSite themes right now... but I thought you might like to know that currently the 'most' popular Public SmartSite theme amongst 'show choirs' is 'Surfer'. And why not?

Designer at computer
24 Mar

Getting the most out of your graphic designer

When it comes to marketing your choir, eye-catching materials like flyers and posters can make all the difference.

Instagram picture
20 Mar

Singing groups can use Instagram as a promotional tool

As the years go by, social media continues to be an important choir marketing tool.

recital hall
19 Mar

Classical singers are engaging new audiences with participatory strategies

Classical musicians often feel like they are facing smaller audiences than before.

17 Mar

Pride of Portland and MenAlive Public Sites

It seems lately that several of the newer Public SmartSite themes have emerged as real winners. One of those is "Glossy". Pride of Portland and MenAlive are both stunning examples featuring the Glossy theme!

design team
17 Mar

How to find and select the right graphic designer

If you really want to enhance your choir marketing materials, you should consider hiring a graphic designer.

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