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Mission statements play an essential role in almost anything a singing group does, from applying for grants to developing a choir marketing strategy.
14 Nov

Writing a strong mission statement

Mission statements play an essential role in almost anything a singing group does, from applying for grants to developing a choir marketing strategy.

There are a lot more ideas out there to raise money than you might realize!
06 Nov

How to host a choir fundraiser event

As singing groups grow and yearn to take on new opportunities in the musical industry, they will find that more often than not, they need funding to move forward.

The simplest of actions can make sure your website, blog and social media accounts get the attention they deserve.
05 Nov

How to make the most of social media channels

There are many components of an online marketing strategy, and if you're just starting to promote your choir, it can be overwhelming.

29 Oct

How to run fun choir rehearsals for kids

When managing a children's choir, directors and parents alike have to make sure they are engaging the kids and getting them excited about singing.

29 Oct

Tips for writing a choir press release

A press release is a very powerful thing, and if used right, it can be a huge promotional success.

23 Oct

How to promote an upcoming concert offline and online

As choirs grow and promote their music to fans, they need a strategy that will drive ticket sales.

22 Oct

Energizing board members for better choir support

As choirs look for more support with their passions and pursuits, they should be able to rely on their board members, if they're available.

21 Oct

What makes a good choir blog?

A good choir blog communicates the passion and pursuit of your choir.

17 Oct

How to share choir photos on social media

Visual content, such as photos, graphics and videos, are a big part of choir marketing these days, especially since fans always want to know more.

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